Zhu Li (Bio, CV) is now an Associate Professor with the Dept of Computer Science & Electrical Engnieering (CSEE), University of Missouri,Kansas City, and the director of the Multimedia Computing & Communication (MC^2) Lab, and the new NSF Center for Big Learning at UMKC . He is/was an AFRL visiting professor at the US Air Force Academy , Colorado Springs, Summer of 2016,'17,'18. He received his PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Northwestern University, Evanston in 2004. He was Sr. Staff Researcher/Sr. Manager with with Samsung Research America's Multimedia Standards Research Lab in Richardson, TX, 2012-2015, Sr. Staff Researcher/Media Analytics Group Lead with FutureWei (Huawei) Technology's Media Lab in Bridgewater, NJ, 2010~2012, and an Assistant Professor with the Dept of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University from 2008 to 2010, and a Principal Staff Research Engineer with the Multimedia Research Lab (MRL), Motorola Labs, from 2000 to 2008.

While on faculty at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he also served as CTO for the "big data" mobile music and visual search startup Mudi Technology Inc, which has successfully commercialized its music search product with China Mobile Shenzhen, and mobile query-by-capture for books and CDs with [android demo app]

His research interests include audio-visual analytics and machine learning with its application in large scale video repositories annotation, mining and recommendation, video object identification and event recognition, as well as video adaptation, source-channel coding and distributed optimization issues of the wireless video networks. He has 25 issued or pending patents, 90+ publications in book chapters, journals, conference proceedings and standard contributions in these areas. He is an IEEE senior member, associated editor (2015~) for IEEE Trans.on Multimedia, and associated editor (2016~) for IEEE Trans on Circuits & System for Video Technology, associated editor (2015~) for Journal of Signal Processing Systems (Springer), steering committee memeber of IEEE ICME, elected member (2014-2017) of the IEEE Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP) Tech Committee, elected Vice Chair (2008-2010), Standards Liaison (2014-2016) of the IEEE Multimedia Communication Technical Committee (MMTC), member of the Best Paper Award Committee, ICME 2010, co-editor for the Springer-Verlag book on "Intelligent Video Communication: Techniques and Applications", and " Multimedia Analysis, Computing and Communication,". He received the Best Poster Paper Award at IEEE Int'l Conf on Multimedia & Expo (ICME), Toronto, 2006, and the Best Paper (DoCoMo Labs Innovative Paper) Award at IEEE Int'l Conf on Image Processing (ICIP), San Antonio, 2007.

Recent Services:

I am serving as General Co-Chair for IEEE Visual Communication & Image Processing (VCIP) Conference, St. Petersburg, FL, 2017, Steering Committee member, IEEE Int'l Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME), and Area Chair for IEEE Int'l Conf on Image Processing (ICIP), Phoenix, AZ, 2016.


Spring 2018: ECE/CS 5590 Image Analysis & Retrieval , previous offerings: 2017
Spring 2017: ECE/CS 5590: Multimedia Communication
Fall 2016: Adv. Multimedia Communication

Invited Talks

- Mobile Visual Search: Object Re-Identification Against Large Repositories, invited talk at Academia Sinica, Taipei, 2015.12, hosted by Prof. Wen-Huang Cheng, University of Science & Tech of China (USTC), hosted by Prof. Houqiang Li, and Shanghai Jiaotong University, hosted by Prof. Y.L. Xu, 2016.01.
- Subspace Indexing on Grassmannian Manifold for Large Scale Visual Identification, given at EPFL/IBM Research/Northwestern Univ/Stevens Tech/Motorola Solutions Research/MIT Lincoln Lab/Beijing University.

Multimedia Computing & Communication Lab


  • Li Li, Univ of Science & Tech of China, Research Assistant Professor/Asst. Director of MCC Lab (Fall, 2016~)
  • Dewan F. Noor, Bangeladesh Univ of Engineering & Tech, PhD Student (Spring, 2016~)
  • Zhaobin Zhang, Huazhong Univ of Science & Tech, PhD Student (Fall, 2016~)
  • Yangfan Sun, MS UMKC, PhD Student (Spring 2017~)
  • Raghunath Puttagunta, MS UMKC, PhD Student (Fall 2017~)
  • Birendra Kathariya, MS UMKC, PhD Student (Fall, 2017~)
  • Anique Akhatar, PhD Student (Spring, 2018~)
  • Yue Li, visiting PhD student, Univ of Science & Tech of China (USTC).
  • Wenjie Zhu, visiting PhD student, Shanghai Jiaotong Univ (SJTU).
  • Karthik Ainala, MS Thesis ( Low Latency Point Cloud Compression and Communication ) Student (graduated, 2018)
  • Eric Cornwell, MS Thesis (Dense Camera Capture Light Field Compression ) Student (graduated 2017, now with Honeywell KCP)
  • Prasana Gadiparthi, MS Thesis (Content De-Duplication with Spatio-Temporal Compact Hash) Student (graduated 2017, now with American Express)
  • Shaina Krumme, visiting student, Univ of Kansas (Summer 2017).

Research Projects:

  • Point Cloud Capture and Comperssion (PCC)
  • Future Video Codec (FVC), Deep learning for compression.
  • Deep Learning Model Compression and Acceleration (DLMCA)
  • Content & Object Re-Identification and Retrieval (CORIR)
  • Genome Data Compression, Privacy and Retrieval Systems.
  • Low latency visual communication, immersive visual communication system.


Many thanks to the generous support from: Sponsors
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Zhu Li
me climbing up the Mt. Elbert, 14439ft.


2018.05, IEEE Journal on Selected Area in Communication (J-SAC) Special Issue on Multimedia Economics for Future Networks: Theory, Methods and Applications.

2018.05, Springer Journal on Signal Processing Systems (JSPS) Speical Issue on "Deep Learning in Compression".

2018.02, NSF I/UCRC Center for Big Learning awarded. The UMKC Kickoff Meeting & Workshop on 03/09.

2018.01, elected steering committee member for the IEEE Int'l Conf on Multimedia & Expo (ICME) representing MMSP TC, and IEEE Visual Communication & Image Processing (VCIP) Conf sponsored by VSPC TC.

2017.12, co-chaired the IEEE VCIP 2017 in St. Petes, FL.

2017.08, Farewell hike of Eagle's Peak, climbed 5 14ers: Mt. Antero, Mt. Massive, Mtns.Lincoln, Democrat, and Bross.      

2017.06, visiting professor, Center for Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Research, US Air Force Academy

2016.12, Multi-University (Florida, CMU, UMKC and Oregon) NSF I/UCRC on Big Learning (NSF CBL) planning grant approved.

2016.12, APSIPA Plenary ForumDeep Learning: Past, Present and Future , Jeju, Korea, 2016.


PhD Scholarships are available for 2 self-motivated students. Ideal candidates should have an MS degree in CS/EE and have solid programming in C, Python, and MATLAB. Visiting scholars are welcome. If interested, send me a brief email at:
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