The Spiritual Life Program

Eighteen years ago,the staff and Board of Directors at Ozanam recognized a growing need to address the spiritual needs of the boys and families that Ozanam supports. Realizing that fewer and fewer boys come to Ozanam with any religious training or background, a non-denominational spiritual life program was created to help residents explore their personal beliefs.

Throughout the years, the spiritual life program offers many opportunities for boys to become involved. One important aspect of this program has always been a part-time chaplain whose primary concern is to talk with the boys and to help them in their pursuit of a spiritual life. The chaplain looks for opportunities for the boys to serve the community, to expose them to different ideas, and to help guide boys in exercising their beliefs in a church or denomination of their choosing.

The family of Thelma Cooke (an Ozanam founding member) provided a gift that helped create the Ozanam Chapel. Chuck Peters, architect and Ozanam alum designed the Cooke Spiritual Life Center.

Opportunities for involvement that the Spiritual Life Program offers the boys include:

  • Bible Studies - groups led by the chaplain to study scriptures and to have an opportunity to ask questions and seek answers.

  • Good Works Program - a program that encourages boys to give back to the community by serving at nursing homes, day cares and other community projects.

  • FCA Summer Camps - each summer 10-12 boys are sent to Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camps in Colorado and Minnesota.

  • Hanging of the Greens - an opportunity for each resident at Ozanam to hang a silver ball in memory or in honor of someone special in his life.

  • Weekly Youth Groups - on-campus and off-campus youth groups.

  • Boy's Choir - an opportunity for the boys to perform as a group at various events.

  • FCA Huddle - a weekly gathering of boys through the Fellowship of Christian athletes.


Goals of the Ozanam Spiritual Life Program

  • To assist a boy in his awareness of his personal spirituality and to increase his knowledge of the scriptures.

  • To assist a boy in developing and expanding his personal beliefs and exercising them in a church or denomination of his choosing.

  • To assist a boy in his relationships wiht others and in developing his social skills.

  • To give the boys a means to serve the community, through the "Good Works Program", in a manner similar to the way that they receive support at Ozanam

  • To provide spiritual guidance and support to boys, staff and their families when needed. (weddings, memorials services, bar Mitzvahs, etc.)


Ways For You to Get Involved

  • Donate to the Spiritual Life campaign that will help secure a chaplain

  • Take part in the Friend to a Boy mentoring program

  • Sponsor a boy's trip to summer camp

  • Invite an Ozanam representative to come and speak at your church, Sunday School class, or adult bible class




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