Ozanam is a nonprofit, Kansas City-based treatment center for children with behavioral and emotional problems and learning disabilities. Ozanam provides residential treatment, coeducational day treatment, group home living, independent living services and behavior consultation services for schools.

Ozanam began in 1948 with one man and a group of volunteers who found and cared for 6 boys who had been abused and abandoned and had no where to turn. This man then turned this small operation into Ozanam Home for Boys where the name Ozanam became synonymous with caring for abused and neglected teenaged boys. Since 1948, Ozanam has served thousands of children, boys and girls, aged 5-23. Ozanam is expanding to meet the needs of all children with emotional, behavioral and learning problems and helping to make children into productive, self-maintaining members of society who can be successful in the community in which we all live.

Through a wide array of programs Ozanam serves a variety of children and their families.






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