BIST-Behavioral Intervention Support Team

There is no questions about it. Today's educational environment looks entirely different than it did thirty, twenty, even then years ago. All of us involved in education -- students, parents, teachers and administrators-- are faced with new and distinct challenges brought about by dramatic shifts in lifestyle and behavior over the last generation.

As educators, we have been both challenged and frustrated as we seek new ways to cope with the tremendous change taking place around us. But amid all the change there remains one constant - our common goal to provide every student with a safe and productive learning environment. BIST, a unique outreach program of Ozanam, helps you work toward that goal, creating a positive change toward a safe and productive environment in your school. BIST staff works with schools, teachers, and administrators to teach and train them to deal with problem children. This enables problems to be resolved more quickly and efficiently, and allows teachers to continue teaching all of the students in the classroom.

BIST's programs are developed specifically for your entire school and can be applied to individuals, teams, or the entire faculty. Regardless of the exact nature of our work together, the process begins with a meeting of key people from your organization and BIST staff for an in-depth look at your situation.This is followed by a three-hour in-service to give your entire staff a feel for our philosophy and a look at our specific services. At this point we provide you with a recommended plan of action.


BIST services and programs include:

  • In-Service Training on topics such as:
Discipline Techniques Girl Dynamics
Class Meetings and Demonstrations Crisis Intervention
Partnering with Parents ADHD
Passive-Aggressive Students PDD
Anger Management Depression
Child Abuse Motivatin
Substance - Abuse prevention Techniques in school social work
Stress Management  
  • Staff Support and Problem Solving

  • Administrative Support and Problem Solving

  • Counselor Support and Problem Solving

  • Individual Teacher Support

  • Student Groups

  • Class Meetings

  • Integrated Curriculum

  • WISC/SAIS Interpretations

Who are we?

BIST team members are dedicated to creating a caring community in every learning environment. Our work with schools is carried out by a group of professionals which typically comprises educators, therapists, and social workers. Other specialists are called in as needed for participating schools and districts.

Collectively, BIST staff represents more than 50 years of experience - much of it working with severely troubled teenage boys at Ozanam.

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The Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST) grew out of a desire to keep at-risk students in a community school. Our mission is to help teachers, administrators, parents and students learn techniques to effect positive change and create a healthy learning environment for all. We accomplish this through G.R.A.C.E. - Giving Responsibility and Accountability to Children in Education.





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