Dear Educator,

Do you have kids in the classroom that just won't follow the rules? Do you have kids that seem to require a disproportionate amount of time from you and your staff? No matter what you do, do you have parents that become enraged with the support that you are offering their child?

Please take a look through the pages of this Web site. Ozanam offers a behavioral/educational consultation program, BIST (Behavioral Intervention Support Team), a program that offers training in how to organize your school, train staff, and meet the needs of even the most difficult child and his/her parents. BIST provides the framework that works for thousands of educators.

The Day Treatment Program link will introduce you to Ozanam Day Treatment Centers and to the benefits they provide to both educators and students. Ozanam Day Treatment Centers, located in Martin City, Belton, and Independence offer an education for those children who cannot find success in the public school system.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call (816) 508-3600, or e-mail your questions to






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